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Criteria for selecting the best mattress


Selecting the right mattress is one of the decisions that many people have to make every day. The ultimate guide to choosing the mattress is ideal because we currently have different types of mattresses that have been manufactured by various manufacturers. Selecting the perfect mattress is essential since this is one area where you will spend most of your time either sleeping or relaxing. Let us look at the criteria for selecting the best mattress;




One of the most important things to look for in the mattress is its bounce rate. The bounce rate of a mattress refers to its capability to spring back to its initial position after being pressed. A good mattress should be able to spring back immediately after compression and not absorb the impact. This is one of the ways of telling whether the mattress is of good quality or not. The mattress with a high bounce rate creates a rhythm that is consistent and required when sleeping.


One of the common uses of the mattresses is to sleep during sex or when an individual is tired. The responsiveness of the mattress is therefore critical especially during specific intense activities like lovemaking. The mattress you select should quickly adjust to your body movements. It should be able to accommodate various positions that you take when sleeping and provide you with the best support.


A good quality mattress should be durable. Since the mattresses are usually pricey, you should select a mattress that will serve you for a longer duration of time let’s say two years. A good mattress should withstand the eight hours plus you spend on resting, and other activities like having sex. A durable mattress will cushion you from unnecessary expenditure during these hard economic times when the price of various items is high.


Another important thing to factor in when choosing an ideal mattress is the noise level. If for instance you are married it is essential that you choose a quieter mattress for sex. You may not be comfortable with the banging, rattling, and squeaking sound that your mattress will make during the sexual intercourse. The best mattress for intense activities like sex should not be noisy since such events do not require unwanted attention.

Edge support


Purchase a mattress that has an edge support. This will prevent you from toppling over when sleeping. Some people roll several times when sleeping. This is usually dangerous since they can hurt themselves in the process. Such individuals need the mattress that has the edge support.